Contractors Connection (formerly known as Icon Industry) is dedicated to serve the entire construction industry. We pledge to provide each of our students the very best in education, customer service, training and business support services.

All our courses feature LIVE INSTRUCTION.  It has been established that LIVE INSTRUCTION is a more effective means of learning. Our instructors are able to answer your all your questions as they arise thru lecture and discussion with other students in a casual classroom setting. These questions are answered or discussed in an easy to understand format thru explanation and/or discussion.

Our contractor’s licensing course will enhance your educational experience, we believe in educating by theory instead of memorization, so as to better prepare for the state exam. Trying to memorize Q & A’s has proven to be ineffective; you must learn theory to better prepare yourself for a wide range of questions. Every facet of the structured courses is designed to enlighten as well as educate you with hands-on examples you will encounter in the everyday operation of your business.

In addition to helping you obtain your contractor’s license, we can also offer you a variety of construction related educational courses, in the event you would like to expand your earning potential.

Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can answer all your questions to ensure you are 100% confident of taking the next step.  We’re proud to have many years of experience helping contractors, tradesmen and inspectors who are know living better lives after achieving their education goals.

Our 24/7 Customer Service Line is (626) 820-0401.  If you are transferred to our voicemail please know that even though we’re on the other line we will make every effort to call you back as soon as possible, you won’t regret to leave a message…that’s our promise!