We believe in the importance of our students achieving their education goals with all of our courses.  In the past we ran group sessions for these courses and we found out that not only each student had a different experience level but they were not all looking into learning the same aspects of plan reading.  Most of them in fact, specialized in different trades.

With this in mind, we changed our curriculum to offer a ONE-ON-ONE instructional classes for our Blueprint Reading and Estimating courses, this way we can assure ALL our clients will be satisfied with their results at the end of the course.

We will also work with each individual to find the best possible schedule for them (upon instructor’s availability).


Blueprint Reading is an important part of being a successful contractor.  The first step in any construction job is bidding or estimating the work to be done; therefore it is necessary for every contractor to know how to read blueprints. With this in mind, our Blueprint Reading course has been designed to take students through the beginning stages of residential blueprint reading to include dimensions, elevation drawings, specifications, schedules and their use, terms and nomenclature.
The course starts with the basic concepts of proper and effective blueprint reading and ends with the more advanced methodologies.
This course consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours each, classes are held once a week.


The first step in any construction job is accurately estimating the work to be performed and calculating the bid.  Our program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of defining, calculating and ordering materials, and will also teach the advanced stages of determining hours of labor, interpretation of blueprints, and calculating overhead and profit.

The goal of this course is to teach students the necessary skills to understand specific trade estimating that corresponds with their personal field experience.

This course consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours each, classes are held once a week.

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