More than just getting a license, Contractors Connection offers seminars to help you set up and run a successful business after you get your license.

Our CONTRACT WRITING SEMINAR is one of our most popular classes.

Did you know that if you don’t do the proper paperwork, you might lose your rights to get paid?  And did you know that the number one reason for license suspension is not complying with laws in regards to Contracts and Liens?  CSLB revokes an average of 50 to 100 licenses in a monthly basis!

This seminar is designed to educate contractors in the art of writing a contract that is legal and binding for both the contractor and client.  You will learn the necessary paperwork required to insure proper payment and to avoid litigation and the differences between writing a private and a public works contract.  The seminar will also teach you as to who gets what forms and why.

This is a low cost seminar that can save you money in penalties asessed by the state for writing an illegal contract.

This is a 3-hour live instructional seminar. You will also receive a software with all contract forms that you can start using immediately.  You can customize this software with your company name and logo!

Here are some of the items to be discussed during the seminar:Home-Improvements

  • The 13 most common pitfalls to avoid
  • How to avoid litigation
  • Importance of change orders
  • The 40 items that must be included in every contract
  • Who gest what forms
  • Proper “Work to be done” descriptions
  • Importance of a Mechanics Lien
  • Confirmation of an oral bid
  • 3-Day Right to Cancel
  • Down payment
  • Progress payments and retentions
  • Warranties
  • Waiver and release documents
  • Statements of Workers’ Comp and Liability Insurance
  • Penalties associated with an improper contract

We schedule group sessions every other month, or we can also set up a ONE-ON-ONE session for those who are looking for more personalized attention.

Call us for more information and/or to schedule a session.  If you are an Icon Industry / Contractors Connection graduate, ask for our returning student discount.