HomeInspectorDue to the recent economic surge, the Real Estate market is on the rise finding once again home sales at its peak.   Property value is once again going up and steady translating into a buyers market that is hot hot hot!!! Consequently, the demand for qualified home inspectors is increasing!

Our LIVE INSTRUCTIONAL course will provide you with the training and knowledge you need to seek a successful career as a Home Inspector.  A Home Inspector not only works with real estate agents, but also banks, lending companies and their clients in order to evaluate the condition of residential property and homes, usually for real estate transactions; then generates a detailed report for all parties.

Inspectors typically examine everything that is visible and accessible, such as foundation, retaining walls, roof and fences, as well as testing appliances, heating, and pool equipment.

Our course will provide you with a comprehensive review of interior/exterior inspections, things to watch out for, legal liabilities, and marketing for your business.   As an added bonus, students will learn how to use InpectVue, a valuable software tool that contains pre-written narratives and suggested text that enables inspectors to generate a professional finished report in a fraction of the time it normally takes to create one.

Depending on the area and value of the home, an average inspection fee runs from $300 to $500. Most inspectors set their own hours and have the flexibility to work either full time or part time, depending on their situation.  This could be beneficial if you are looking into supplementing your income as a contractor in order to strengthen your existing business.

nachi logoThis course is taught by an InterNACHI certified home inspector who is also an ICC Building Inspector and a licensed General Contractor with over 30 years experience in the residential construction industry.

We have also a special parternership with Porter Valley Software, the creators of the InspectVue software.  All our graduates are entitled to a DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICE should they want to buy the software.

Our Home Inspection training course schedule consists of 20 hours of LIVE INSTRUCTION.  Classes are on Saturday mornings for 5 consecutive weeks from 9 AM to 2 PM.

We start a session every 2-3 months and we do up to 6 enrollments per session ONLY in order to guarantee a personalized experience for every single student.  We also offer AFFORDABLE PAYMENT PLANS to fit anyone’s budget (no credit check needed).

Call our office for upcoming start dates and class schedule.  (626) 820-0401