Maximize your business potential by minimizing your personal liability. Our service fee includes business name search and reservation, filing of articles of incorporation along with all the Secretary of State fees, federal tax ID number set up, election for S corporations (if needed), professional corporate record book with by-laws,  minutes, seal and stock certificates, as well as assistance with filing your statement of information.


State paperwork processing can be very tedious. Why to take a chance on doing it yourself when the risk of not doing it correctly can cost you not only time but a lot of money. Let us handle the paperwork for you!

Here’s some of the state paperwork we can help you with:

  • Sole Ownership applying for a Corporate License
  • Replacing the Qualifier
  • Examination Waiver
  • Add/Remove Corporation Officers
  • Activate/Inactivate your Contractor’s License
  • Business Name and or Address Change
  • License Renewals


We guarantee issuance for all first-time licensees. We will process your contractor’s bond on-site, we can also process all transactions over the phone so need to come to our office in person.  STOP MAILING CHECKS OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IN THE MAIL which can turn in into identity theft. Our bonding service is hassle free service, we work with the # 1 Bonding Company in the Los Angeles area.

To view a state guide on contractor’s license bonds click here


We understand that learning comes easier to some than others. With that in mind Contractors Connection offers personalized One-on-One tutoring to help students who require extra personalized instruction in ALL the courses we offer.

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